How to create a new dogstack app

  • fork example
  • clone forked example
  • walkthrough
    • package.json
    • README
    • server.js
    • service.js
    • browser.js
    • reducer.js
    • client.js
    • router.js


Before we begin, please ensure you have JavaScript ready to go:

Lay down the scaffold

Let's get started, woof woof! 🐕

First, fork the dogstack-example on GitHub.

Then, clone your fork onto your local machine:

mkdir -p ~/git/$USER
cd ~/git/$USER
git clone $USER/dogstack-example my-new-app
cd my-new-app

See your app come to life!

With the code pulled down, let's fire it into action!

npm install
npm run start:dev

Browse to http://localhost:3000 🎉

Explore our basic app code

Now that we have code ready, let's expore. 🔎


  • package.json: project metadata
  • project documentation


  • index.js: entry point
  • server.js: http server
  • service.js: feathers service


  • browser.js: entry point
  • client.js: feathers client
  • reducer.js: redux reducer
  • router.js: react router redux


  • cli.js: TODO cli entry point

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